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NH Music Collective founded Pear Orchard Publishing in 2020. We are building our own music library of original works, and publishing those pieces on behalf of our composers. We have been working diligently at expanding our network for sync licensing opportunities, and getting our artists’ compositions in the hands of music supervisors for film and TV, advertising agencies, and others who need music for soundtrack or video background around the world. Our musicians and collaborators already have had major success in this area.


if you are a composer with music you’d like to include in our library .



House concerts are one of the most enjoyable types of shows for musicians and fans alike! It’s always rewarding to hear and see an artist in an intimate environment where music is the focus. NH Music Collective collaborates with The Greenhouse Recording Studio on their “Living Room Shows” house concert series. We work closely with people who want to host house concerts to book the type of music they will most enjoy, organize, promote, and run the concert. We also help book house concerts around the world for our artists on tour.


if you’re interested in hosting or performing a house concert.



Professional quality photos and videos are arguably the most important part of an artist’s promotional materials. NH Music Collective certainly receives more opportunities for musicians with extraordinary HD video and hi-res photos included in their EPK or on their website. Our network of professional photographers and videographers spans a wide range of styles, locations, and prices. We will confidently find the right team to work with you on creating world-class pics and vids.

for more information.



Visual media is not just limited to videos and pictures.

An artist’s promotional materials can also include a great website, album cover design, logo, merchandise, flyers, and more. Helping professional musicians build a professional brand, our graphic design partners will collaborate with you to create content that fits your style and image while accentuating your visual appeal and boosting your online presence.


for more information.




NH Music Collective works directly with some of the best private instructors in the northeast. Lessons are currently conducted online. In-person lessons at the teachers’ individual studios will hopefully resume in the near future. We offer vocal lessons, guitar lessons, and more.


for more information.

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